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AF = Auguste Francotte
Støckel: Liège, Belgium. founder of the gun factory, 1825 - 1878,


right hand safety

10 on cylinder

a 12mm inserted


Beautiful example of silver and gold inlaid large caliber 12mm pin fire revolver, 6" ribbed barrel with fixed front sight and notch rear sight on the bridge, no markings on the barrel. Six-shot cylinder with mandatory Belgian ELG proof and # 10. Closed frame and protected cartridge pins in the cylinder. Almost all of the original blue remaining and decorated with golden and silver "pin heads" as a presentation piece. Made by the famous Belgium high quality maker August Francotte with his trade mark safety on the right side of the frame. This feature appealed to Gasser in Wien that he used is on his 1870 army revolver. Under the barrel is the ejector, the grips are crisp and the condition is outstanding,     $1,350.


The grip right side German silver decorated with crest and 

inscription                              = translation


Diesen Revolver hat              = This Revolver has

General-Feldmarschall          = General Fieldmarshall

Graf v. Wrangel                     = Count von Wrangel

als Kriegsfreiwilliger             = as a war volunteer

Graf Wrangel (Ostpr.) No. 3  = Count Wrangel (East Prussia) No. 3 

des Kürassier- Rgts.               =  of the cuirassier regiment

im Feldzuge 1866                   = in the campaign of 1866

geführt und später                  = used and and later

dem Regiment                         = the Regiment

überwiesen.                             = presented.

Friedrich Heinrich Ernst Graf von Wrangel (1784 - 1877) was a Prussian General Field Marshall, nicknamed "Papa Wrangel." He enlisted in a dragoon regiment in 1796, and fought with distinction in the Napoleonic Wars. He later won the Iron Cross in the War of Liberation in 1813. He served in many other campaigns, including suppression of internal riots in the middle decades of the 19th century, as the German states went through their "birth pangs." He was made a Field Marshall in 1856 after 60 years of service.

He continued to serve in the war with Denmark in 1864. After the Battle of Duppel, he resigned his command and was made a graf (count). He assisted  in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, but did not have a command. He continued to aid in the reorganization of the cavalry 1866 - 1870.

In 1866, on his anniversary of 70 years of service, his regiment, the 3rd Cuirassiers, was given the title Graf Wrangel, an event possibly celebrated with this gun - the designation for the future of the 3rd East Prussian regiment as Graf Wrangel, or at least an appreciation for "Papa Wrangel's" many years of service.








AF on cylinder


ELG on cylinder with inspection stamp

Army sized Francotte Revolver, caliber 12mm, 6" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight, rear sight and A. FRANCOTTE / LIEGE inscription on left lug, no visible serial #. Blued finish with walnut grips. The right grip with large,  1 x 3", silver inlaid crest and inscription. please see above. The Cylinder shows mandatory ELG proof and there are several AF (Auguste Francotte) stamps. There is about 60% original blue remaining with the important inscription in perfect condition. In good working order and fine overall condition. An unique historical revolver    $3,500.

















August Francotte made circa 1870s made army-size revolver, serial # 890, cal.  probably 11mm French = circa .45 short, 6" octagonal barrel with fixed sights and left side ANCIER FONDU = casting iron,  right side safety, ejector under barrel, beautiful bright blue finish and ivory grips, lanyard ring with leather belt. With circa 90% original finish in excellent condition. Additional original leather holster with carrying belt and six period cartridges.
An exceptional set!   
A revolver similar Gasser's Austrian army model 1870.