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M. FISCHER, BERLIN S.W. made revolver with very uncommon trigger system, in Winant's FIREARMS CURIOSA, page 258 - 250,
# 304 "
fingerless double action revolver designed for man who because loss of fingers can not operate conventional triggers." Caliber circa .38, inside loading gate # 1). No German proof stamp as required starting in 1893, therefore made before  1893 (see Borchardt). The metal parts are bluish - grayish,  plain wooden grips with the right showing an age crack. The first model of this type I own in more than 40 years of collecting, and it is scarce. In good working order  and good condition     sold

With the  antique comes The Gun Report, February 1969, The Gun on the Month by Harry Mann, depicting a very similar, probably the same  revolver.

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