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  John Egg dueling pistols

Durs Egg, London,
Støckel: "1748 - 1831, London and Solothurn, Switzerland. One of the most important gun makers London's, worked for the Court."

swivel ramrod

D. Egg made single shot percussion pistol with swivel ramrod, with D. Egg marking on lock and 1 PALL MALL LONDON on 3�" barrel. Fine factory engraving with crisp 2 click lock, Platinum escutcheon on bolster, gold band on barrel breech, silver emblem on spine of stock. Light bumps and dings overall. Egg is well known and fine quality English maker. About caliber .50 smooth bore,  a small front sight and rear sight on breech. In good working order and  very good overall.       $1,750.








top - bottom 80mm

Durs Egg,  Støckel: "Durs Egg, London 1748 - 1831, gun maker for the Court". Cased pair of unusual small vest-pocket-size / muff flintlock pistols. 2" screw-in barrels with little hump for the barrel-fastener and proof stamps, caliber .38. The pistols are equipped with the common push-safety, on the side of the lock as shown on the pictures D. EGG and LONDON with decoration. The grips are varnished. The pair are in very fine condition with acceptable wear. It is in a green inlaid mahogany case containing powder flask, bullet mold with cutter and a screw driver.
The lid of the case is like often cracked because warping, other wise a decorative and desirable set.   $7,250.

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