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Dumonthier revolver with blade and scabbard


St°ckel: mentioned 1850, produced double barrel dagger pistols,
Le "Qui est qui" de l'arme  en France, Joseph CÚlestin Dumonthier, armorier,





DUMONTHIER made double barreled pistol with 8╝" double-edged and nicely armorial and hunting pattern etched blade, 3ż" Damascus barrels side by side, caliber .32 percussion, The grips are of gold plated silver with diagonal lines in imitation of coiled cord, common with Dumonthier dagger pistols. According the book Blades and Barrels by H. Gordon Frost, pages 57 - 61,  this type of weapons are called "Cardinal's Pistols", being under the assumption that various princes of the Catholic Church for personal protection. The cardinals would not look warlike as if they carried regular pistols. For each barrel is one hammer, and after cocking the second hammer the folding trigger drops out. Pulling the trigger first the right hammer drops and after a second pull, the left drops. With strong springs the pistol is in good working order, some of the gold plating is worn away, otherwise in fine condition. The original case is extremely rare with an excellent condition scabbard and bullet mold with sprue cutter and one handle as ramrod.
An attractive and very desirable set.     $12,500.  







LD marked on 14" long blade of the 2-Damscus-barrel pistol, unlike most the grip is German silver. The pistol with strong springs is in in good working order and excellent condition. Vary rare is the surprisingly fine condition scabbard    $6,000.







the right hammer cocked, the folding trigger came out of the grip



both hammers cocked, both triggers out


both hammers cocked showing the pistons



maker's address on blade partial covered by right barrel


DUMONTHIER & CHARTRON / 194 R. St. Martin / PARIS  double barrel dagger pistol with an impressive 12" blade, edged on both sides. The 4" barrels are bright blue, caliber .42 percussion and are fired separately with folding triggers.  The grip is black hard rubber in a distinctive pattern. A similar pistol is pictured in Frost’s book Blades & Barrels, page 61. Scarce with the very long blade, perfect working and in excellent condition    $6,500.


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