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Dumonthier double barreled dagger pistol


Støckel: Paris, circa 1870































scabbard with ejector in one piece



DUMONTHIER B.S.G.D.G. 12mm pin fire revolver with a mighty 11¾" pointed blade,  a 6" barrel, single and double action, as fashionable for the period "kept in the white" and now showing some mottled color, tiger striped grips, lanyard ring. Scarce specimen in fine condition.
What makes the revolver even more desirable is the correct leather scabbard with ejector rod. It is in fine condition.
An outstanding set.    

Bréveté "B.S.G.D.G." stands for Patent without government guarantee, was in France a legal notice releasing the State from any liability on the proper functioning of effective panted device. This reference was established by the law of 1844 which states that patents are granted "without screening, at the risk of applicants, and without warranty or of reality, novelty or merit of the invention, either fidelity or accuracy of the description. It has disappeared in 1968."


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