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Dowling, William, Dublin
StÝckel: mentioned 1846 - 1860, Bishop St.










DOWLIN DUBLIN                                                                                               DC-5047


H. Dowling, cased pair of double barrel percussion traveling pistols, caliber .52, 3¼ barrels, with maker's name, on pistol additional DC 5046, the other DC 5047. Those are the Constabulary Registration Numbers which indicated they were registered under the English Arms Act of 1843. DC is the abbreviation for Dublin City, where the owner of these pistols would have resided, and where the numbers were applied by local police, in compliance with the law. Checkered stocks with German silver butt cap. The lock plates, hammers and barrel tangs are engraved as is the trigger guard and ramrod thimble. Original case with H. Dowling label on inside of lid. It contains powder flask, bullet mold, ivory handled bullet starter and cap tin labeled ENGLAND. The condition is fine. Both pistols are in almost matching condition. The barrels retain about 50% Damascus finish with two platinum bands at the breech. Locks are marked DOWLING and show a silvered case colored finish. Hammers are fine showing traces of case color. Stocks are fine with no cracks or breaks, some minor handling marks commensurate with the age of the pistol.     $7,750.

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