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Devisme Paris
Støckel: 1834 - 1870,
Le "Qui est qui":  Louis-François Devisme,


a wooden plug fitting into the bore 

DEVISME BTE. 884 on barrel

butt cap

8511 on grip

on top flat of barrel


lid decoration















DEVISME A PARIS made 5-shot percussion revolver, # 884 on lug. caliber .44, 6 ¼" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight and maker's inscription over the cylinder with a small rear sight, on the left side is a lever which can be turned forwards and enables easy removal on barrel and cylinder. The single action revolver is in perfect working order with fine checkered grips and better than 50% original blue. On the right side is # 8511 similar to the pepperbox and can be an inventory #. In the butt screwed is a compartment.
The French name of this patent is: "chemine tiges" which can be translated as nipples with rod. It looks like the Devisme revolver was the only firearms to have such nipples.
The revolver comes in a show case complete with accessories, Interesting is the DEVISME  marked multi purpose bullet mold. The case with a decorative inlay shows some scratches which are acceptable after more than 160 years around. Very rare and attractive set!    $12,000.





14352 with hammer shaped end of base pin

6-shot cylinder with hammer shaped end of base pin


cased pair of Devisme revolvers, serial # 14325 and 14352, caliber 11mm thick-rim center fire (Brandt # 161) 6" barrel with dovetail front sight and inscribed Devisme à Paris. On breech is the rear sight. Under the barrel is the ejector with a holding grip around the cylinder. Mowing this 90º the hammer shaped device at the end of the base pin slips out of the hold in the breech and tips down for easy loading and unloading. The bore has 4 groove rifling. An very interesting design that was well ahead of its time.  The pair are in good working order and in near perfect condition. The revolvers come in an original wooden box, green inlaid with cleaning rod and key.  Inside the lid is the Devisme trade label, out side the escutcheon shows intertwined letters.
An extremely rare set in exceptional condition!   



































a scarce 7mm Devisme cartridge inserted into Devisme tip-down pepperbox, on breech-plate serial # 11892, caliber 7mm Devisme, 1�" six-shot-barrel-cluster, on top-strap marked Devisme � Paris. Faint traces of blue finish in protected places, mostly gray patina mixed with light pitting. The fine checkered walnut-grips have minor nicks with a museum's number stamped in the right side. A ejector rod screwed into the butt.  Mechanically fine.
A very rare pepperbox!     $3,000.

























exceptional quality pair of dueling pistols by Devisme à Paris, caliber .54 percussion, 8½" octagonal barrel deep rifling and dovetail front sight and silver inscription on top flat 1 and 2 Devisme à Paris, lock, breech, hammer, butt cap and trigger guard deeply and tastefully engraved, ½-shafted with selected wood, the grip elaborate checkered and fluted. In good working order, an excellent condition pair.
It comes in an original case, inside lid with Devisme à Paris printed, all accessories included, in excellent condition.
Very rare set in excellent condition   sold



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