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Schilling, Suhl, high quality derringer


Deringer, Henry
StÝckel:  begins circa 1850 making the famous Deringer single shot percussion pistols.

Please note: all original Deringer barrels are cut from rifle barrels and always have seven grooves!














always 7 grooves




a very rare matched pair, small size with 2½" barrel with dovetail front sight, two golden bands, two-line inscription DERINGER  PHILADEL. and the P in sunburst, bore with 7 grooves, the slightly engraved lock also inscribed DERINGER  PHILADEL. On the back of the pistols is an escutcheon with no inscription. Fully shafted with checkered grip. The trigger guard is comparable to Flayderman's # 3: "circa 1830 - 1835, the earliest type".  
The pair are in fine condition    $8,750.



with powder flask





on breech


always 7 grooves


















a small sized original Deringer, 3" round barrel with dovetail front sight and on top the two-line inscription  surrounded by 2 gold bands. The metal parts are nicely engraved, in part made from silver, the wooden grip with crisp checkering and a not often encountered patch-box in the butt. Ramrod is inserted under the barrel. The trigger guard shows Flayderman's # 7 engraving: "circa 1850 - 1870. Through the end of the production this pattern is the most often observed. Smallest sized pistols will only have the pine apple and several leaves forward on the trigger guard."  A very fine and rare deringer.
Small Deringer with ramrod and trapdoor is a very rare variation. Additional is a stag horn powder flask.    $5,350.

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