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 German wheel-lock




a good and scarce Nuremburg wheel-lock belt pistol, circa 1590, 19" overall, the 12½" barrel of typical form with slightly flared muzzle and octagonal breech stamped with the Nuremburg guild mark and serpent plus "PD" maker's mark of Peter Danner. The lock having a pierced and engraved wheel cover plate and cock engraved with a monster's head, the mouth of which forms the jaws, the plate stamped with the Nuremburg mark and deeply impressed spur mark of Hans Stopler, the fruitwood full stock having engraved stag horn fore end cap and throat pipe and profusely inlaid in engraved stag horn with vine leaves and tendrils, hounds chasing foxes, lions, and a horseman holding a wheel-lock pistol of this type. The original spherical butt  inlaid with engraved stag horn masks in panels, slender 6½" belt hook on left side and plain iron trigger guard, wooden ramrod with ribbed bone tip. Good Condition (a few very minor defects commensurate with age).

Note: Stĝckel lists Peter Danner of Nürnberg / Nuremburg as working 1583 to 1602, and Hans Stopler of Nuremburg 1570 -1592.     sold


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