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P. Webley & Son, Birmingham
Støckel: Philip Webley, 1852 - 1897
literature: The Webley Story by William Chipchase Dowell

Taylerson, Revolvers 1818 - 1865: patent of 1853

John Cox, Southampton, Støckel: mentioned 1843 - 1859










Webley Patent 1853 revolver "longspur", third model with left side ramrod, caliber circa .46 "54 bore", 7" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight and on top retailer inscription J. COX SOUTHAMPTON, front screw to disassemble the barrel and cylinder, the typical longspur hammer, single action. Hammer, frame, trigger guard and butt cap scroll engraved, finely checkered grips, provision for lanyard ring. The revolver is in good working order, it is mottled gray and in overall fine condition.
The case is apparently re-lined, contains a 2-cavity bullet mold marked "54", a plain powder flask, screwdriver, cleaning rod. wad cutter and some bullets. The lid of the case shows an escutcheon with the letters BR. Revolver with set are showing some wear,
however, the early specimens are very rare.    $5,000.

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