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Colt  Richards Conversion

pictured in book The William Locke Collection on page164
and also in book Variations of Colt's by Breslin page 64 and 65,


Colt  Richards conversion of the model 1863 pocket of navy caliber, serial # 4669, caliber .38 rim fire, 4½" octagonal barrel with maker's inscription on top flat, frame marked COLT'S PATENT, which is scarce. The  loading gate with internal spring called "A" style frame, type 3 conversion used between the serial numbers 4300 and 4980, small hammer screw. Only 665  models were made and it is a extremely difficult to find variation, made mid 1872.
Retains 90% of original blue finish on barrel and 65% color case on frame and hammer. Perfect 5-shot cylinder scene.  The revolver is pictured and  described in following references: Variations of Colt's by Breslin pages 64 and 65, Study of Colt's Conversions by Mc. Dowell page 336 and The William Locke Collection on page164. Flayderman's # 5B-127.
In good working order and excellent condition.    

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