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a .38 partially inserted





Colt Pocket model 1849, serial # 323548, made in 1870, factory conversion to .38 center fire, 3" round barrel with pearl front sight and 2-line HARTFORD address, The condition with cylinder scene is better than average, overall fine condition    $3,000.

according to the book "Variations of Colt's New Model Police & Pocket Breech Loading Pistols" it is in the fifth serial number range.

added by N. F.:  between 1863 and 1888 circa  25,000 pocket Navies and pocket police models were converted to .38 center fire, included in that number were some high number 1849
pocket models which received pocket nave cylinders and reworked barrels. The frames were reworked to handle the larger rebated cylinders and the new parts were serial numbered to match the numbers on the original 1849 pocket model.  As I said a very interesting piece.


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