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Colt  Model 1892 New Army & Navy Revolver


Colt Model 1892 New Army & Navy Revolver, serial # 6066, made in the first year of production 1892,  caliber .38 long Colt, 6" round barrel with fixed front sight and rear sight over the bridge, nickel plating about 90% remaining, plain wooden grips. R.A.C. =  Rinaldo A. Carr U.S. inspector inspected with several stamps. With lanyard ring.
These revolvers and their successors were veterans of the Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War, the Boxer Rebellion, Mexican Revolution and even World War I. An interesting story about the 1892 occurred in 1898 in Havana Harbor, when the USS Maine exploded, igniting hostilities into the Spanish-American War. A Model 1892 was recovered from the wreckage and given to Theodore Roosevelt, who was then the U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Navy. With the onset of the war, Roosevelt heavily recruited a fighting force of his own, called the Rough Riders. He is said to have used the same Colt 1892 revolver to electrify his men as they charged up San Juan Hill to rout the Spanish. Flayderman's # 7B-194 or 7B-195: total made 8,000, and at least 7,490 altered for technical defects.
Some of these revolvers including this one were sent back to the Colt factory for refurbishment and then given to officers as a sidearm during the WWI. As part of the process the inscription on the butt was removed.
This specimen is in overall fine condition. Bore and chambers are in very good condition. The action is strong and excellent. All numbers match. With the revolver comes a letter of authenticity.     $1,950.

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