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Colt Thuer cartridge conversion revolver,
Sutherland: patents # 82258 (Sep. 15, 1858) and # 98529 (Jan. 4. 1870)
Flayderman's # 5B-113.
Støckel: Alexander Thuer, circa 1849 - 1870,



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Colt 1860 Army Thuer Conversion Single Action Revolver.

Colt's first and probably rarest cartridge revolver,

A very rare and desirable Colt Model 1860 Army with Alexander Thuer's conversion to metallic cartridge cylinder. The Thuer conversion is one of the rarest of all Colt cartridge firearms, and the 1860 Army Thuer conversion is one of the rarest of this already rare group. Serial # 154503L was shipped to London and bears the mandatory English proof stamps on barrel and cylinder. The 8" barrel with fixed front sight and maker's inscription retains much thinning blue finish. Scene is excellent. Thuer conversion unit has most of original bright blue. Frame has base colors with some vividness remaining; back strap and trigger guard have much of original bright bluing. The walnut grip retains almost all original varnish with slight wear at toe and a few light marks. The action is crisp. Includes a spare percussion cylinder, also English proofed, retaining much original finish, serial No. 4728. Thuer conversions of any Colt revolver represent some of the most desirable Colts and this 1860 would fill a significant gap in almost any advanced collection.         $17,500.



one .31 caliber Thuer cartridge in excellent condition    $150.




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