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Collier, Elisha Haydon,
Ýckel: London, patented 24 November 1818 flintlock revolver.











◄ the gate for loading powder into the pan visible















◄ the cylinder showing the gas seal recess, additional the cover for the cylinder to avoid losing the load 



















◄ the often missing cover unsorted to avoid the loss of powder













E. H. COLLIER, Nov. 24th 1818 patented flintlock-revolver, 5-shot, gas-sealed, hand-revolved. This revolver is one of the few with the often missing cylinder cover, and according to Sotheby's the only one with saw handle grip.

According to Sutherland's  book Sam Colt bought one in London, and he developed out of this model the single action system = by cocking the hammer the cylinder turns. Sotheby's auction catalog and a copy of a broad sheet signed by famous makers Samuel Nock, W. A. Beckwith and Thomas Mortimer.

The revolver I bought September 16, 1979, is part of my collection and not for sale.


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