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W. Child, London
StÝckel: William Child, circa 1832 - 1848, London, 280 Strand,

under barrel proof stamp

swivel ramrod in action

W. Child, London made pair of caliber .52 percussion pistols, 4" octagonal barrel with fixed front sight and on top inscribed W. CHILDS  208 STRAND LONDON, under barrel mandatory London proof stamp and swivel ramrod, lock, hammer and trigger guard nicely engraved, the butt cap is engraved and is hinged for a cap box. Better than 90% original bright bluing remaining, crisp checkered grips, the German silver escutcheon in blank. The pair are in a green inlaid well grained wooden show case with Child's label and typical brass carrying ring, R. JOYCE tin for caps, ramrod with worm to remove bullets, a small powder flask, lots of wads and a bag for bullets. The pistols with case are in fine condition.
An attractive and rare set.     $6,250.

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