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Chaubet, Bordeaux
Le "Qui est qui": gun maker in Bordeaux 1816 - 1855,

 ready for capping

Chaubet Bordeaux  2

wooden powder flask

Chaubet Bordeaux marked underhammer pistol,  caliber .50 percussion, 7" octagonal barrel with swallowtail front sight, fine rifled bore as found in French officer's pistols. Under the barrel is a ramrod with a worm on one end and a ivory ram on the other.  The  breech with rear sight and additional # 2, the iron parts are bright blue with some areas matted, massive checkered grip with flared butt. The pistol is in good working order and fine condition. It comes in a wooden show case with a wooden powder flask, another ramrod, bullet mold for round ball with sprue cutter, adjustable powder measure,  a tin can for caps and a key. The case with accessories is in fine condition, the escutcheon on the lid is not marked. A very rare and desirable set!     $5,500. 

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