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Belgian literature: July 7, 1862 Belgian province of Brabant recorded a protocol J. Chamelot and H. J. Delvigne, applicants for a patent for the invention of a revolver and living in St. Gilles near Brussels. Obtaining a patent is granted without examination and own risk of reporting without warranty for the new and the value of the invention or the accuracy of the description and without setting a legal situation.
July 15, 1862  by The Minister of the Interior
StÝckel: J. Chamelot, Liège, circa 1850 - 1875, probably co-owner of patents of Chamelot-Delvigne.



loading gate open, hammer on the right side

CHAMELOT  DELVIGNE  left-handed revolver, serial # 149 under barrel, caliber 7mm pin-fire, 3¼" octagonal barrel with fixed front- and rear sight, on left side of barrel maker's marking with additional INV (inventor) and BRTE (patent) Unlike common revolvers this on has the loading gate and the ejector on the left side and makes it a scarce variation. Finely checkered wooden grips. The antique with about 50% original blue with some scratches, is in good working order and fine condition. The leather carrying case is decorated with studs and a not marked escutcheon  showing some wear. A very rare and desirable set!    $4,500.

CHAMELOT  DELVIGNE  left-handed revolver, serial # 344  under 3" octagonal barrel with front and rear sight, additional maker's name on right and crowned LF  for Lefaucheux on left, besides folding trigger and hammer made from iron the other parts are made from deeply engraved bronze, the grips are carved ebony. Even without the missing ejector rod the revolver is in good working order and excellent condition, a very eye-catching antique!    $2,850.

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