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J. Chaineux
Støckel: Liège circa 1860 - 1870, receives 1858, 1859, 1863 and 1864  patents for rear-loading revolvers for 6, 12 and 20 shots,



J. CHAINEUX marked in cylinder flute of a 12-shot revolver, caliber 7mm pin fire, 5¾  round barrel with high front sight, mandatory Belgian ELG proof stamp on rear of cylinder, single and double action working fine, under the barrel is the  ejector, the metal  kept in the white and is now mottled, black ebonized grips with lanyard ring. In good working order and fine condition    $2,250.













name in cylinder flute


very rare CHAINEUX made 10-shhot revolver, caliber 12mm pin-fire, 5½" barrel with typical high front sight, single and double action, ejector, glossy metallic gray color, plain wooden grips, lanyard ring. Contrary to Støckel Chaineux  made also a 10-shot variation. In good working order and in fine condition,    $1,850.

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J. CHAINEUX made 6-shot pin fire revolver, caliber 12mm,  under the barrel an uncommon side-folding knife with a 5½" blade.     sold


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