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Bunney, London
StÝckel: Joseph Bunney, Birmingham, 1766 - 1825,




Birmingham proof


fine pair of British center hammer turn-off-barrel pistols, caliber .70 smooth bore, 6Ĺ" brass cannon barrels. These man-stopping pistols feature brass frames which are engraved in beautiful period scroll with ribands on either side of frame reading BUNNEY on left and LONDON on right. The cocks, frizzens, triggers and trigger guards are all of iron and bear a dull gray patina. The brass frames and barrels bear a lovely untouched patina and show Birmingham proofs on bottom of frame. The flat-sided grips show lovely silver wire inlay along with oval shaped silver escutcheon in the back of each grip. The condition of the grips is very good with a good deal of original oil finish remaining and with virtually all of the original silver wire inlay. One grip shows minor damage and  a little missing wire in this area, less than 5%. These pistols are early as Joseph Bunney was active in Birmingham, but marking his guns LONDON. A very impressive, fine and unusually large pair of pistols, and in good working order. .    $3,170.

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