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StÝckel: starting 1875,


Webley RIC revolver with retailer name T. BLAND & SONS 106 STRAND LONDON, serial # 2354, caliber .450, 4ľ" barrel with retailer's inscription on flat plus fixed front sight and on the left side .450 with Birmingham proof stamps, on left side of frame # 2354 and T. B. & S. plus J. P. FLEW probably as the owner of the revolver. The rear cylinder face is marked with the number "1." Equipped with a sighting groove on the top strap. The revolver is nickel plated and in beautiful condition and in perfect working order. Crisp checkered walnut grips and lanyard ring.

 The partitioned case is lined in blue felt and has a paper Thomas Bland & Sons label on the inside of the lid. Included with the case oiler and bore cleaning rod. Established in 1840, Thomas Bland continues to manufacture firearms with offices in London, England and Benton, Pennsylvania. For over 150 years the company has produced fine quality firearms. The original case with accoutrements is very fine with minor handling/storage marks and some wear and a few tears in the lining. Nearly all of the original factory label remains.

An exceptional and very rare set!     $5,850.

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