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Bergmann pistol

see Handguns of the World by Edward C. Ezell,
pages 366 -377

Bergmann Simplex 2156














Bergmann Simplex # 2156, cal. 8mm Bergmann-Simplex, 2" ribbed barrel with fixed front sight and mandatory German proof stamps, v-notch rear sight. A detachable 8-shot box magazine mounted in front of the trigger similar to the Bergmann 1896 models,  on the bottom is the trade mark miner = a Bergmann depicted. A swing thumb safety on left side of receiver with straw colored trigger and hammer, hard rubber grips with Simplex name on each side. Fine condition with  85 - 90% strong original bluing remaining, minor rust pitting in a couple of places,  trigger and hammer retain 85 - 90% original straw colors.  Mechanics are fine, bright shiny bore. A correct cartridge is included.
Scarce early pistol    $5,000.