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Joseph Bentley, Birmingham
Ýckel: 1829 - 1864, since 1841 pepperboxes, between 1844 - 1857 several patent for revolvers and improvements,
James Kerr, London, StÝckel: receives 1855 patent for loading lever.











cased engraved Bentley-Webley Open-Top percussion revolver retailed by

Adams & Co., London

circa 1855, no serial #, 4Ĺ" octagonal barrel with fixed front sight, top flat inscribed ADAMS & CO., LONDON, side-mounted Kerr patent loading lever, scroll-engraved muzzle and breech. The frame is also scroll-engraved,  as common for the early revolvers double-action only and therefore a spur less hammer. The walnut grips are nicely checkered.
The revolver comes in an oak case lined with green baize, containing a bag-shaped powder flask (Riling # 127), bullet mold marked 84 (bore) with sprue cutter,  three-piece pewter oil vessel,  mahogany mounted cleaning rod with brass cap concealing ball screw, nipple wrench with ebonized handle. On the lid is a  brass escutcheon plate.
Very good condition with much original blue on barrel, frame a light gray patina and excellent grips, accessories excellent, flask with staining on charger, case with later dark staining to exterior. With the case comes a tag from Sotheby, where it was sold a long time ago.

Literature: William C. Dowell "Webley Story"
A. W. F. Taylerson "The Revolver 1818 - 1865"
A early and rare cased set.     $4,000.

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