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Heinrich Barella, Berlin
1819 - 1893, Berlin and Magdeburg, born in Soest, Westfalen, since 1860 kingly court gun maker, and since 1871 imperial court gun maker,


10.55mm partial inserted


 H. BARELLA BERLIN marked on top barrel flat of an impressive single shot target pistol. Instead of the usually small caliber used in target pistols this prefers the uncommon big 10.55mm Reichsrevolver 1879 - 1883 army cartridge (identical .44 Russian). An interesting back strap lever release dropping block opens for loading. The octagonal 10" barrel with large target sights is slightly engraved. Srial # 7940, no proof stamps meaning made before 1891. Most of the original glossy blue remains. All parts are intact. In proper working order and excellent condition.
A very rare and scarce pistol!    

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