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Thomas Kerslake Baker, London
StÝckel: 1833 - 1871, in 1844 he takes over the shop of famous gun maker T. J. Mortimer,

the following revolver has no maker's name, however it is a Baker's 1852 patent style transitional revolver


  Baker transitional with bayonet + belt hook
















made after T. Baker's 1852 patent   double-action-only revolver with bar-hammer, "transition model" based on a pepperbox, no maker's name, mandatory British proof, exceptional condition with 98% vivid rainbow case color on cylinder, 95% deep barrel blue, frame has strong traces of blue, fine checkered grips. There is small dent in the back strap, otherwise very fine condition.  The nice oak case comes with green felt, powder flask, bullet mold, ramrod, tin can with caps and padding, key and a 1957 dated note.
Please see Taylerson's book The Revolver 1818 - 1865, page 69, patent # 3230, 24 April 1852.

A great and desirable set!    $4,600.


Taylerson, The Revolver 1818 - 1865: T. K. Baker's patent
April 24, 1852


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