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Robert Adams,
Støckel: receives 1851 patent # 13527 for his percussion revolver, which were 1851 - 1856 produced by Dean, Adams & Deane, London,
retailed Støckel: Frederick Barnes & Co., Birmingham + London, 1847 - 1900,










bullet mold



28. NOV.










1851 Adams patent revolver with double action only, serial # 12277R, 6" octagonal barrel with dove tail front sight and retailer inscription
F. BARNES & Co., FENCHURCH STt. LONDON, caliber .45 percussion, more than 80% original blue remaining, fine checkered grips, perfect function. Comes in a green inlaid case with maker's label in lid, Sykes powder flask, bullet mold, ramrod, oil can, wad cutter. All showing acceptable wear, generally in fine condition.    $4,250.


Robert ADAMS, 1851 patent with double action only
the revolver made under license by Auguste Francotte
Støckel: Auguste Francotte, Liege, 1810 - 1866, founder of gun factory,
retailer: Støckel: Benjamin Cogswell, London, circa 1841 - 1863, 224 Strand,


















AF= Auguste Francotte

















1851 Adams patent with double action only revolver made under license by Auguste Francotte, Liege, serial # 12717, caliber circa .45 percussion, 6" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight and maker's inscription on top, additional AF and mandatory Belgian ELG proof on cylinder, left side 1851 Adams Patent. The engraved revolver was kept in the white as common in Belgium, fine checkered grips, some pitting, very good function and condition. The revolver comes in a typical green inlaid show case, in the lid the retailer's name Cogswell, London.  Not marked powder flask, bullet mold, nipple driver, ramrod, oilcan
and a wad cutter punch,
all in very good condition.    sold

Imperial Patent Revolver

early Adams 1851 patent style revolver on bridge stamped IMPERIAL PATENT REVOLVER
in Jim Cate's book J. P.  Sauer Suhl, page 8: circa 1850 Sauer with other companies united in Royal Weapon's Factory and produced for the Imperial Navy rifle and pistols. A good guess that is when the Imperial Patent was established.


►►►  If made in Great Britain or Belgium the revolver carries mandatory Birmingham, London or Liege proof stamps. Unlike British revolvers using one-part-frames this has a two-part-frame camouflaged with the zigzag-line, typical for Suhl in Germany produced revolvers, please see "pin fire revolvers" and "SAUER".
Somebody suggested Russian made, but then the inscription is in Cyrillic.







< left hand side safety lever pushed in blocking the hammer of hitting the nipple.










Imperial Patent Revolver made percussion revolver with no other markings or numbers, 7¼" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight, double action only like the first Adams 1851 patent, original glossy blue 100% remaining, hammer and trigger polished white, the lock and butt cap nicely engraved, crisp checkered grips. The revolver is in excellent condition.
It comes in a wooden show case with carrying grip and protective nails to avoid damage of the lid. Dark green inlaid with all loading tools and key. The case is a bit discolored but otherwise fine.
An extremely rare and desirable set    



two-part frame camouflaged by zigzag-decoration



















Imperial Patent Revolver on bridge and master stamp S under barrel, percussion revolver influenced by the British 1851 patent for double action only (in 1855 the patent issued for double- and single action) The frame is built the German way in two pieces and the connection "covered" with zigzag-lines, see  bottom in front of cylinder and where the breech connects with the bridge over the cylinder. Uncommon is the trigger protection, and it is the first time my friends and I saw this, and as far as I know, it is not mentioned in the literature. The mighty revolver has caliber .45, a 7" octagonal barrel with dovetail front sight. Almost 100% bright blue, crisp checkered grips and  in excellent condition. The wooden case contains all accessories including a Braun & Bloem, Düsseldorf, marked box for caps.
Probably unique set.     Sold

S = Sauer in Suhl, Prussia?  






two-part frame camouflaged by zigzag-decoration


matching numbered bullet mold!



Imperial Patent Revolver marked revolver in the style of the early Adams Patent in double action only. However it has a two part frame which at the time was commonly used in Suhl, Prussia. Matching serial # 6112 on barrel, cylinder and bullet mold! The caliber is .44 percussion, barrel length 6½", bright blue with some patches of minor storage pitting. The revolver is in a well made case. green inlaid, with bullet mold, ramrod and an unknown device. The condition is NRA very good    sold



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