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Gebrűder Mauser, Oberndorf A/N (am Neckar)
øckel: Paul Mauser 1838 - 1914, constructor
Wilhelm 1834 - 1883, constructor, businessman
űder Mauser & Cie 1874 -


lever pushed into the cylinder groove enables to open the frame and lock the hammer


GEBR. MAUSER &CIE. OBERNDORF A/N. WÜRTTEMBERG 1878 on top flat of barrel

606 on frame

606 on cylinder

left grip

right grip

Mauser revolver model 1878 - C 78 -, caliber 7.6mm Mauser (beveled rim), matching serial # 606 on frame and cylinder, about 70% original bright nickel plating remaining, The bore is bright, not pitted and retains sharp lands and grooves.  The original hard rubber grips.  the left in excellent condition, the right a mall chip missing. This is a fine example of a very rare revolver and  built with clockwork precision. Less than 1,000 produced. These were a very early Mauser design and examples today are very scarce and desirable to the Mauser handgun collector. This revolver was collector-named a "Zig-Zag" revolver due to the various zigzag type slots on the sides of the cylinder. These slots were actually an integral part of the function of the revolver as they were designed to rotate the cylinder during firing. Two other unique/distinguishing features of this revolver is the early "ring-type" cylinder latch located ahead of the frame as well as a safety latch on the lower left side of the frame that engages the cylinder to keep it from rotating when on safe.     $4,500. 

This is a very fine example of a scarce small frame Mauser Model 1878 revolver that previously resided in the prestigious Joseph Schroeder collection for many years. Joe Schroeder was a well known collector of early automatic pistols and authored several books on the subject.


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