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Støckel: Casimir, Paris, over takes in 1825 the patents of Roux and Picherau and develops in 1837 the famous pin fire cartridge.
his son Eugène Gabriel, Paris and Liège starts in 1854 the construction of the Lefaucheux revolver. His often used trade mark is LF and later EL;


fig. 7. culot en for pour charger pistolet

a 9mm pinfire single action revolver with an ingenious solution also to be used with percussion adaptors: an insert filled with powder and lead can be inserted into a cylinder like a cartridge, and after putting caps on the pistons the revolver is ready. This variation is actually pictured on a Lefaucheux advertisement. Chris Curtis in his book SYSTEME LEFAUCHEUX on page 134 calls the inserts "chimneys" because their resemblance. The adapters were especially welcome by the Confederated Army because of the short supply of cartridges. Serial # 4108, 7¼" octagonal barrel inscribed INV. N. LEFAUCHEUX FILS BTE, PIRLOT FRERES A LIEGE. A swallow tail front sight instead of the common high front sight. The engraved frame shows on the left side a 2-line inscription E. LEFAUCHEUX  INV. BREVETE and an oval with a crowned PF for Pirlot Frères. The cylinder shows the mandatory Belgian proof stamp ELG.  According to Støckel Pirlot Frères in Liėge  1830 - 1879. Today revolvers with adaptors are extremely rare; in my 52 years of collecting this is only the second I own. With the revolver are three adapters. The revolver is in good working order. A great rarity!    $4,050.

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