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Colt Paterson non-firing Miniature-Revolver by Larry Smith


This is an outstanding 1/3 scale Paterson that retains all the original finish. The barrel, wedge, cylinder and trigger are all fire blue. The frame retains nearly all the original silver with a bit of tarnish setting in. The walnut grips have all the finish. The revolver looks as new.

The original walnut casing is lined with burgundy colored velvet. The case contains the revolver, a brass powder

flask, brass cleaning rod with walnut handle, and a miniature Eley cap tin.

The revolver functions just as an original with the exception that the trigger does not fold and the cylinder must be revolved by hand.. It "fires" a 2mm pinfire blank.

The revolver is mechanically excellent.

The maker, Larry Smith of Florida, is one of the most respected makers of miniature firearms in the country. A letter from Larry, included with the sales states this piece was completed December 20, 1988 and sold to Turner Kirkland, Dixie Guns, Union City, TN

The silver dollar is only for size comparison.


part of my collection

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