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Celebrating 20 years of running my website www.HorstHeld.com
I offer the following items with reduced prices & more to come

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Mauser zigzag revolver model 1878 - C 78

Chuchu Patent extremely rare pepper-box

All Right Fire Arms Co vest pocket revolver, prize today $1,800.

Colt 1849 pocket revolver cased, prize today $5,000.

Webley Patent 1853 revolver "longspur", prize today $4,250.

Herman underhammer pistol, 1850, prize today $2,250.

Hugo Borchardt 1893 automatic pistol, prize today $20,000.

Smith & Wesson model No. 1 first issue revolver, price today $1,700

S&W Model 3 Single Action revolver .44 Russian, prize today $3,000.

Prussian cavalry model 1789, price today $1,900.

German percussion pistol, price today $900.

Bittner stripper magazine / clip + cartridge RARE, price today $750.

Colt 3. derringer, cased, price today $500.

Colt SA # 26376 with letter and holster, price today $3,500.

HOLLIS & SHEATH London percussion revolver comparable to Baker's 1852 patent, price today $3,000.

Remington Iroquois revolver, pending

 knife pistol with two barrels and two corkscrew-triggers, price today $4,000.

Javelle Civil War period used pin-fire revolver, price today $1,600.

Sharps model 2A, price today $1,200.


5 ramrods: the 3 with the German silver tips are brand new and ordered several years ago through miscommunication; 2 are 10¼”, the shorter is 9”. The caliber on top of the tips is circa .25. The other have no tips and I don't know the source. Both are almost 12”.  Price today including mailing only $15.00



Bascaran decorated pocket revolver, pending

S & W New Model 3 Target Single Action engraved, price today $3,250.

Wilcke, Stuttgart, 1880s, price today $800.

Handbuch Der Faustfeuerwaffen (German) Hardcover – 1965 by W., and G. Bock Weigel (Author)  Publisher: J. Neumann (1965) Language: German ASIN: B002C3E5BS The book is in used but good condition. For buyers who prefer to pay in Euro I have since 1955 an account with the same bank in Dortmund. Price today including mailing only $25.

Colt Pocket model 1849, factory conversion, price today $2,750.

A. BRECHT IN WEIMAR over and under screw-off barrels pistol, price today $500.

Tranter double trigger, cased, price today $3,000.

Williams, Birmingham, Howdah pistol, price today $2,200.

Deringer small pistol with ramrod and trapdoor, price today $4,000.

Remington New Model Navy with shoulder stock, price today $2,500.

HULBERT & Co. Exceptional condition SA, price today $12,000.

The Handgun by Geoffrey Boothroyd Product details Hardcover: 564 pages Publisher: Random House Value Publishing; 1St Edition edition (December 12, 1988) Language: English ISBN-10: 0517132389 ISBN-13: 978-0517132388 Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.5 x 1.6 inches Shipping Weight: 4 pounds The book is used but in good condition, price today including mailing only $15.00
Because my poor hearing and to see interesting handguns please visit my website www.HorstHeld.com

US / H. ASTON & CO marked government model 1842, price today $2,750.

French engraved pin-fire revolver in cased set, price today $1,500.

French concealable percussion pistol, 1850 - 1860s, price today $500.

E. LEFAUCHEUX Lefaucheux Model 1854 "Stonewall Model", price today $1,275.

Sutherland The book of Colt firearms.
Hardcover – 1971 by Robert Q Sutherland (Author) This book is a complete Colt book library in a single volume. This book tells pictorially and verbally the entire Colt Firearms story from 1832 through the present. A comprehensive study of Sam Cost and his company from its inception, yet tailored with the aspect for the layman. The book presents valuable, detailed, and authoritative text of over one million words for the connoisseur, student and avid Colt collection, collectively and individually. Unfortunately the book has been used a lot, and it shows. While those books once were sold with 1,000. Todays the prize including mailing  is only $60.


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