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Gebrűder Mauser, Oberndorf A/N (am Neckar)
øckel: Paul Mauser 1838 - 1914, constructor
Wilhelm 1834 - 1883, constructor, businessman
űder Mauser & Cie 1874 -

Mauser revolver model 1878,  



barrel inscription: GEBR. MAUSER & CIE. OBERNDORF A/N.  WÜRTTEMBERG, 1878

frame open


885 on cylinder


885 on frame


 7.6mm Mauser revolver model 1878 Zigzag or Zick-Zack because the flutes in the cylinder. Those are used to revolve the cylinder or keep it in unmovable / firing position. To do so there is a lever on the left side. Matching serial # 885, ribbed barrel with maker's inscription, original glossy blue with little wear, but circa 70% remaining, sculptured hard rubber grips as typical for the 7.6mm revolvers. In good working order and fine condition. According to a friend circa 1,000 of the 7.6mm variation are made. Rare in this condition!    $6,000.

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